Create an original box sled and compete to win prizes!



Vermont’s Country Superstation Froggy 104.3 & 100.9 will be on site to host the Winterfest’s annual cardboard box sled competition. The Froggy judges will be issuing 1st, 2nd, & 3rd place prizes. Register online or sign a form the day of the event at the Froggy booth no later than 1:30pm.


Judging for Two Categories: 1) Fastest Sled (timed down the track); 2) Most Creative Box Sled

If you live locally, avoid the rush and plan ahead by dropping your sled off at Farr's Hill on Friday, February 25th. We'll store your sled overnight and prepare it for judging the next morning. If you are traveling a long distance to join the race, please arrive by noon on Saturday, February 26th. You may temporarily park your vehicle at Farr's Hill to drop off the sled and then move it to one of our designated parking areas. Click here for a map of those areas. We have to keep the grounds clear for the attendees.  By 12:45 pm on the 26th, vehicles will no longer be allowed on the hill. 



Judging 1-1:30 pm

4-7 division races at 2/2:15 pm

8-12 division races 2:30 pm 

13+ division races at 2:45

Awards at 3 pm

(All times are subject to change, ravers should remain on hand/nearby in case a change of schedule occurs)



General Rules:

  1. Three divisions: (4-7), (8-12) and (13+)

  2. Box Sled must be present onsite by 12:45 pm on event day in order to be qualified for judging

  3. A team can create the sled but there can only be ONE RACER

  4. Competitors will get one run down the hill in which they will get timed

  5. Helmets are not required, but encouraged for all ages

  6. Participants must have filled out the event waiver in order to race. Visit the Register to Attend page to complete the waiver. 

  7. Winners can pick up their prizes at the Froggy booth after the competition


Sled Design Rules:

  1. Sled materials must be limited to: (1) Cardboard; (2) tape; (3) paint; (4) wax; (5) glue. Use standard, corrugated, non-colored cardboard that has not been varnished or laminated by a manufacturer (like a TV Box). 

  2. Hardware is not permitted (i.e. wood, plastic, or metal.)

  3. Wax is permitted on the running surface ONLY! (Bottom of Sled) Tape is not allowed on the running surface or along the edges at the bottom – detection of tape or any other material other than wax will lead to the disqualifications of your sled and team.

  4. You should decorate your sled with paint, pictures, flags, etc. to be eligible for “Most Creative” category.


Pre-registration is now closed.
We'll see you at Winterfest!