A portion of the proceeds from food sales at the Randolph Winter Fest will help support the fundraising efforts for Motio Recreation.  Motio Rec Inc. was founded by Keegan and Lindsay Haupt in April 2018 with the primary goal of running and managing an indoor multi-use recreation space for individuals of all ages and abilities.

Keegan, a contractor, and Lindsay, a physical therapist, together have designed the space and will be putting in the facility on existing property owned by their company Rocky Farm Properties LLC. With secure funding in place, the owners are hopeful to start building in the spring of 2019. While Motio Rec is waiting for the space to be built, fundraising campaigns have been put in place as well as some programs off-site. 

Motio Rec Floor Plans























Second Floor Plans
Main Level Floor Plans

The facility at 6 Park street will be 6000 sqft and have 1.5 stories. The entire left hand side of the space will have cork filled turf with retractable batting/golf cages. The hardwood floor space will be enclosed, have full length mirrors on one wall and 1/2 tempered glass walls with blinds. The rock wall will be 15 ft high with shorter sections for kids, and this area will be surrounded by springboard floor and gymnastics equipment. There is a play structure with slides and climbing ladders for younger kids. 

The upstairs of the hardwood floor room will be teen/adult workout space which will have cardio equipment, pull-up bars, free weights, physioballs, resistance bands and more. You will be able to see over to the rest of the space, but it will also give some privacy and quiet. 

To find out how you can support this endeavor please visit their website: Motio Recreation